1.      Sevice Content:

a.      All of our products, including the whole machine and its main parts are with warranty.

b.      Installation and set up as well as operator training are provided.

c.       Operation Manual is provided along with machine delivery..

d.      6 days x 8 hours technical phone support is available.

e.      Emergency debugging service will be provided within 24 hours in Pearl River Delta area or 48  hours for out of this area domestically. For international market, well negotiate with customers for this service.


2.      Warranty Period:

a.      One-year warranty for the whole machine commences from the date when the machine is 

         installed and trail run successfully in customer’s workshop.

b.      90-180 days warranty for the main parts of the machine as stipulated in the Sales Contract.

c.       Maintenance service will be charged at cost after the warranty period.


3.      Warranty won’t be carried out for:

a.      wearing Parts.

b.      any damage caused by any mechanical or electrical parts not provided by us are installed or replaced on the machine.

c.       damage caused by force majeure including fires, floods, earthquakes, wars and etc.

d.      damage caused by malicious destroy, intended misoperation or others.


4.      After-sale Service Contact:

  When you have any operation questions or malfunction problems, please call our service hotline 86-769-22777100 for assistance.

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